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Battle of the Hours Vol. 1

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Clarkys Body Shop – GPP

Competition Day

Warm-up (No Measure)

Instructor Led Stretch & Warm Up

BotH Vol. 1 (Time)

With a TEAM of 4

Buy In: 150 Cal Bike or Row

Accumulate 2min Hanging from Pullup Bars.

* 2 Athletes have to hang from a Fat bar

* Time is counted when all athletes are hanging, when 1 drops, time stops.

Accumulate 50 Squats.

*All athletes must hit depth.

Travel 400m Iditarod.

*Ath1: Pulls Sled

*Ath 2: Push Sled

*Ath 3: Farmers Carry

*Ath 4: Rest

Cash Out: Team Accumulates 50 Double Under & 300 Singles.

*EMOM everyone performs 5 Burpees.

*Only one athlete jump ropes at a time.