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The Surprising Problem with Counting Calories: Part 2

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The surprising problem with calorie counting. [Infographic] Part 2: ‘Calories Out'. By John Berardi Ph.D. and Helen Kollias Ph.D. Think meticulous calorie counting means knowing exactly how much breakfast you’re burning during exercise? Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. Here, 4 reasons why daily activity tracking and exercise counts can be…

Bringin Some Heat

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Clarkys Body Shop - GPPPractice DayWarm-up (No Measure)2min Double Under Practice 8min AMRAP 10-30sec Handstand 20 Band Pull Aparts 8/side Elevated Reverse LungesMidline Work5min Time Cap Rx: Accumulate 2-3min in Bent Hollow Position Rx+: 120 Hollow RocksTantrum (Time)6 Rounds Rx: 1 Wall Climber *Sub 10 Seated DB Press 20 Overhead…