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February Shop Spotlight

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Yet another month was a challenge for Chad and I to pick because so many of our members are making amazing progress!  We narrowed it down,  narrowed it down again  and when said and done, we had to pick Jessica.   She has made so many changes since joining our Train ‘n Habits group in November.  She has lost a healthy amount of weight in that time, cut out things in her diet that weren’t benefiting a healthy lifestyle and has been extremely consistent with exercising.  We love seeing the changes! We also love what a positive attitude she shows up with everyday.  Our motto is to set all of the stresses from the day aside and let the exercise and camaraderie lift you up and Jessica definitely embraces it!  She works hard and smiles while doing it.  Thank you for being a kick ass member of ours! We truly appreciate you!

Greatness doesn’t come from Average. ~ Jessica Gilbert.

(not to be confused with Elizabeth Gilbert)