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March Member Spotlight- Jessica Sanford!

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Jessica Sanford is one heck of an inspiration!  She started working out with Chad a few years ago at KCF in Atascadero and has made some amazing progress in mobility, movement and strength.  Not to say that she wasn’t always in great shape!  She has a background in gymnastics and actually made her goal this month for her 40th birthday to do an aerial!  To us, that is simply an amazing idea to have  and we couldn’t be happier to have that kind of spirit and determination at the Shop!  Jess crushes goal after goal while making it look effortless, but that is not the only reason we would like to spotlight her as our March Member.  It’s the positivity, encouragement, energy endless smiles and laughter that she brings with her everyday.  It is absolutely contagious to all of us and I am sure our 6am group would agree that we all benefit from her being there only a daily basis!  She manages to get in most days of the week while giving it her all even though she has a busy life.  She is mom to two sweet girls and has her full time gig with their business Sanford Stone Co.  We think she may be out in the yard throwing around some of those rocks to keep us all on her toes with her strength…   most recent PR’s?  135 Push Press, 145 20 Rep Back Squat.  Boom!  One day I hope to catch you Jess!  Much love!!

Kim and Chad